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�.GZiV33A <br />EDI-LiA CIrZ COUNCIL 11EE` 1YZ.* <br />J1ZTZ 17, 1974 <br />.. P.114. <br />.ROL=A:.L <br />Io PUBLIC 10A%_IMS ON PROPOSED rir?X ?TEM -9NTS Presentation by Ci;°y Man;nger n:zL <br />Engineer. Spectators heard. If Council �4.s'nes to proc:�Ld, :action by <br />Ordering Improvement. 415 favorable rollcall voice to pass. <br />A. Watermain P -Wi -287 T.HI 100 Z. Frontage Road (Continued `roe 613/74) <br />B. Parking Lot Grading F-F-2 - Grandview Liquor Store (Con'cinuad from <br />ITo PUBLIC H$ARDNIGS ON _PSc L1X1kJARY PLAT �� °F'�'� 71Va � A:;:fida•:ri_.a or notice ''Gy Clerk.. <br />Prestsukation by Planning BEpartmento Spectators heard, If Cour_cil w sii,s to <br />proceed, action by Resolution, 315 favorable roll-call vote ;,o pessa <br />A. Oertel First Addition S -74 -6 (5/29174) <br />B. Blaka Ridge Addition S -74 -8 (5129/74) <br />Q.o Indian Meads S -74 -7 (5129174) <br />III, PUBLIC HEA.•b.ING ON 1 T DIVISltild Affidavits of otiee by Cler -. Presentation by <br />Planning Department. Spectators heard. If Council wislies to proceed, action b} <br />Resolution. 315 fzvorable rol ca_Il .vote to Dass, - - - <br />_ Av Lota- 12 ena 3S; = Block 3- - Btier=a <br />ICJ, C.S,A,H. l8 %iiA.JJXb VIrd GOAD 1NT r;M1 3GE (Continued from 5/20/74) <br />V. AWARD OF BIDS Tabulations and recommendations by City Manager. Action of Council <br />by glotion: <br />A. P -P-2 Parking Lot Grading (Continued from 613/74) <br />B. Radio Equipment Bids (Coatimied from 5120174 and 613/74) <br />Co Public Improvements <br />VI. COMUNICATIONS <br />T Hr, Laszlo #uiop <br />B, Pa3rkaood Knolls Barricades <br />VII. RECO?- 24ENUATIONS AND P.LPOnS <br />A. Fairview- Soudbda!a Hospital. Bonds <br />B. Traffic Sa &ty Committee s =linutes of 6/12174 <br />C. Edina Court Parking (Continued from 6/3174) <br />Do Division of Milli= A. Sletten Estate Property <br />E„ Scale of Oscar Roberts Property (Continued from 6/3174) <br />F. Engineering Co;asultant for Western Edina Roads <br />Go '-Notice oZ C2 aim - No Gaase4elen <br />H. Wm. Lo Gleason - $aalse Arrest Suit <br />Ya State F+mnicipal league Y-&--mberabip Status <br />J. Distribution of Absentee 3sllote <br />L. 1975 Budget Calendar <br />N. Taxi Cab Rates - Action by Resolution <br />No Revenue Slarin3 <br />0„ Southdale Bowling Lines Licenses (Continued from 6/3!74 continue <br />until After Court hearing) <br />Po Water Superintendent's Ra4re;tnto <br />Q. Pountwim Woods Apartments <br />V7 lI o R y S0I,U"T1ONS <br />L63". Ai`i'°_ OARS Wi0 'LESI-REe RZAKT2'G 5E7;A: _`E CIIi v",'11. <br />'SCE <br />A, <br />Workmen's Coapens•ni.on Coveragia <br />jor <br />Coe:!:cij eeu y .-o- . <br />U, /3; 746 <br />B� <br />Ltz 3'.aitd, A 41 .' .vi: v <br />saco?. dei by <br />t - <br />ment of `` z y yyee <br />mi=le €o:l io ping U.�7..�.i,.'�J2i ic; `�`£?— <br />+�,- _— �,7.G�'"..,..� .-�w`i j•`i <br />- -: <br />�3� - <br />Construc:"Ton :..Pimil, i?99,520 831 <br />rkmda <br />.Lr1 -JOr L171 {IP.�;p�p i..tli. i' 1''r ::?s►$.� <br />9 <br />�SR:� ;. 17 T .. -o-. t,' _.S%..�r y�ii ��. '`6 {, •i. -'{�. <br />((��.sZt <br />3 �� , I, <br />•j% fl047,A19 �. <br />V <br />