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I. Call to Order <br />II. Welcome New Members <br />AGENDA <br />Regular Meeting of the <br />Edina Transportation Commission <br />6:00 PM, Thursday, February 17, 2011 <br />lll. Approval of Minutes <br />a. Regular Meeting of November 18, 2010 *+ <br />b. Regular Meeting of January 20, 2011 *+ <br />IV. Consent Agenda <br />a. Traffic Safety Report for February 2, 2011 *# <br />V. Community Comment <br />Edina City Hall <br />4801 West 50th Street <br />Council Chambers <br />Vl. New Business <br />a. Review advisory role, attendance, meeting procedures and schedule <br />(Section 1500) *# <br />Review ETC Purpose and Duties (Section 1509) *# <br />b. Planning Commission's review of Traffic Studies *# <br />Vll. Bike Edina Task Force Update (Commissioner Janovy) <br />Vlll. Staff Comments <br />a. Work Session with Council on March 1, 2011. <br />IX. Commission Comments <br />X. Adjournment <br />* Attachment included <br />+ Item requiring action by the ETC <br /># Item for information only <br />During "Public Hearings," the Chair will ask for public comment after City staff members make their presentations. If you wish to speak on the topic, you <br />are welcome to do so as long as your comments are relevant to the discussion. To ensure fairness to all speakers and to allow the efficient conduct of <br />a public hearing, speakers must observe the following guidelines: <br />• Individuals must limit their presentations to three minutes or less. The Chair will modify presentation times, as deemed necessary. <br />• Try not to repeat remarks or points of view made by prior speakers and limit comments to the matter under consideration. <br />• In order to maintain a comfortable environment for all those in attendance, the use of signs, clapping, cheering or booing or any other form of <br />verbal or nonverbal communication is not allowed. <br />During 'Public Comments," the Chair will ask to hear from those in attendance who would like to speak about something not on the agenda. Individuals <br />must limit their presentations to three minutes or less and cannot speak to an issue for which a public hearing was previously held and closed or a <br />matter scheduled for a future hearing. Individuals should not expect the [Board or Commission] to respond to their comments. Instead, the [Board or <br />Commission] might direct the matter to staff for consideration at a future meeting. <br />The City of Edina wants all residents to be comfortable being part of the public process. If you need assistance in the way of hearing amplification, an <br />interpreter, large -print documents or something else, please call 962-927-886172 hours in advance of the meeting. <br />G: \Engineering\ Infrastructure \StreetsUrafficUransportation Comm ission\Agendas\2011 Agendas\20110217_agenda.docx <br />