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Resolution Directory 2009[Icon] 4
Resolution No. 2009-001 Accepting Donations on Behlaf of the City of Edina[Icon] 2
Resolution No. 2009-002 Designating Official Newspaper[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-003 Signatory Resolution[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-004 Designating Director to Suburban Rate Authority[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-005 Designating Director and Alternate Director to Logis[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-006 Authorizing Use of Facsimile Signatures By Public Officials[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-007 Designating Depositories[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-008 Denying Permit for More Than Three Cats or Dogs in a Home[Icon] 2
Resolution No. 2009-009 Petition to Nine Mile Creek for Improvement Funding[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-010 Designating Municipal Trustees of the Edina Firefighters Relief Association Board of Trustees[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-011 Accepting Donations on Behalf of the City of Edina[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-012 Vacation of Public Right of Way Belmore Lane[Icon] 2
Resolution No. 2009-013 Approving Variances for a Building Expansion of a Home Located at 5349 Kelloff Avenue[Icon] 2
Resolution No. 2009-014 Resolution Approving a Guide Plan Amendment From Quasi-Public to Mixed Use for the YMCA at 7355 York Avenue[Icon] 2
Resolution No. 2009-015 Approving an Amended Final Develoment Plan with Variances for Twincity Orthopedics and Southdale Fairview Hospital[Icon] 3
Resolution No. 2009-016 Approving Hennepin County Electronic Proprietary Data Base ‎(EPDB)‎ Conditional Use License Agreement[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-017 Approving a Preliminary Development Plan for the YMCA Site at 7355 York Avenue[Icon] 3
Resolution No. 2009-018 France Avenue Sidewalk ‎(West 48th St to Sunnyside Rd)‎ Improvement No. S-101[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-019 Approving a Final Site Plan with a Parking Stall Variance for Phase 1 of Gateway[Icon] 3
Resolution No. 2009-020 Accepting Donations on Behalf of the City of Edina[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-021 Ordering Feasibility Study of Sidewalks on Segments of Valley Road & Normandale Road[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-022 Receive Edina Transportation Commission's Recommendation for Greater Cornelia / West 70th Street Traffic Study[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-023 Approcing Proposed Use of 2009 Urban Hennepin County Community Development Block Grant Program Funds and Authorizing Execution of Subrecipient Agreement with Hennepin County and Any Third Party Agreements[Icon] 1
Resolution No. 2009-024 Denying Appeal on Selling or Furnishing Alcohol to an Underage Person[Icon] 2
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