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� r > <br /> • <br /> CERTIFICATION OF MINUTES RELATING TO <br /> PUBLIC PROJECT REVENUE BONDS <br /> (CITY OF EDINA ANNUAL APPROPRIATION LEASE OBLIGATIONS) <br /> SERIES 2014 <br /> Issuer: Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority <br /> Governing Body: Board of Commissioners <br /> Kind, date,time and place of meeting: A regular meeting held on June 17,2014, at 7:00 o'clock <br /> p.m., at the City Hall,Edina, Minnesota. <br /> Members present: Bennett,Brindle, Sprague, Swenson, and Chair Hovland <br /> Members absent: None <br /> Documents Attached: <br /> Minutes of said meeting (including): <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2014-03 <br /> RESOLUTION RELATING TO PUBLIC PROJECT REVENUE <br /> BONDS, SERIES 2014 (CITY OF EDINA ANNUAL <br /> APPROPRIATION LEASE OBLIGATIONS); AUTHORIZING <br /> THE ISSUANCE,AWARDING SALE, PRESCRIBING THE <br /> FORM AND DETAILS AND PROVIDING FOR THE <br /> PAYMENT THEREOF <br /> 1,the undersigned,being the duly qualified and acting recording officer of the public <br /> corporation issuing the Bonds referred to in the title of this certificate, certify that the documents <br /> attached hereto, as described above,have been carefully compared with the original records of <br /> said corporation in my legal custody, from which they have been transcribed;that said <br /> documents are a correct and complete transcript of the minutes of a meeting of the governing <br /> body of said corporation, and correct and complete copies of all resolutions and other actions <br /> taken and of all documents approved by the governing body at said meeting, so far as they relate <br /> to said Bonds; and that said meeting was duly held by the governing body at the time and place <br /> and was attended throughout by the members indicated above,pursuant to call and notice of such <br /> meeting given as required by law. <br /> WITNESS my hand officially as such recording officer on June n, 2014. <br /> Secretary <br /> • <br />