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RESOLUTION NO. 2002-08 <br />A RESOLUTION AUTI <br />AND DELIVERY OF COND <br />WITH HENN] <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of <br />follows: <br />Section 1. Recitals. Hennepin County (t <br />Proprietary Data Base (EPDB) (the "Data Base"), <br />been prepared and presented to the City a <br />"Agreement") between the City and County, pu: <br />a limited license to use the Data Base as providf <br />pay a fee for the use of the Data Base. The rE <br />License Agreement is extended to December 31, <br />Section 2. Approvals. The form of the Agr <br />and City Manager are authorized to enter intc <br />substantially the form presented to the City wit] <br />do not change the substance of the Agreement <br />Manager, such approval to be conclusively press <br />Agreement by the Mayor and City Manager. <br />Adopted this 2nd day of January, 2002. <br />ATTEST <br />City Clerk <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br />COUNTY OF HENNEPIN )SS <br />CITY OF EDINA ) <br />TIFI <br />:ZING EXECUTION City Of Edina <br />NAL USE AGREEMENT <br />COUNTY <br />City of Edina, Minnesota (the "City") as <br />"County") has developed an Electronic <br />rich the City desires to utilize. There has <br />nditional Use License Agreement (the <br />rant to which the County grants the City <br />in the Agreement and the City agrees to <br />wal of the 2000 EPDB Conditional Use <br />-ement is hereby approved, and the Mayor <br />the Agreement on behalf of the City in <br />such changes or modifications thereto as <br />ind are approved by the Mayor and City <br />.med by the execution and delivery of the <br />1-Z <br />Mayor <br />I, the undersigned duly appointed and acting City qlerk for the City of Edina do hereby certify <br />that the attached and foregoing Resolution was du y adopted by the Edina City Council at its <br />Regular Meeting of January 2, 2002, and as recorde in the Minutes of said Regular Meeting. <br />WITNESS my hand and seal of said City this day of , 20 <br />City Clerk <br />City Hall (952) 927-8861 <br />4801 WEST 50TH STREET FAX (952) 826-0390 <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA 55424-1394 TDD (952) 826-0379 <br />