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ORDINANCE <br />AN ORDINANiCE=AUTOMAII <br />NG <br />SUBSECTION .2 <br />ALLOWING THE SALE OF <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF TIE CITY OF EDIN <br />Section 1. Subsection 900.22 of Secti <br />entirety. <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in <br />publication. <br />First Reading. January 20,I 1993 <br />Second Reading: Waived � <br />Published in the Edina Sun�Current on Janua <br />ATTEST: <br />' Ald � -? <br />City Clerk <br />NO. 1993-1 <br />CITY CODE BYEALING <br />TERMINATION O PROVISION <br />01XICATING MALT QUOR) <br />ORDAINS: <br />9010 of the City <br />force and effect <br />y 27, 1993 <br />Mayor <br />is repeal in its <br />L its passa and <br />